Career Opportunities In Finance

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Career opportunities are very many in the financing and accounting department. This is especially when one has a CPA or CA license. Some of the careers are banking, stockbroking, corporate finance, auditing, taxation management, chartered accounting, and actuaries. However, if you enjoy working with numbers and problem solving a career in the financing industry may be fit for you. Also, if you own a degree in Finance or business as well as analytical skills, you can gain entry in a financial career or department. The following are some of the career opportunities in finance.

Careers in finance

Self –employment


It is also important for one to understand that employment is not only found in the public sector or government-based organizations, with adequate business skills, well-made decisions one can begin his or her own business based on his or her interests. This is commonly known as self-employment business. In this business one is his or her boss, he or she enjoys all the profits made from the entire business.

One is also ready for any risks or failures from the business. One also makes his or her own decisions. Self- employment can reward handsomely and it is the best for one works under no supervision, and there exist no rules and regulations. There is no specified time frame for working for the individual decides when to report to work and when to leave. Self-employed people work extremely hard for they plan to succeed as they always work aiming at a set target which they set themselves.

Financial Advising

This is another career opportunity one is likely to get the financing and accounting sector. Financial advisors are let in this field after they have worked in insurance companies and investment organizations, for example, banks. From here they get the professional designation and then they are allowed to leave on their own.

Money Management

Money managers are associated with the analysis of financial trends and also determining the future prices and the movements of bonds, stocks, and other securities. Most money managers work with large mutual funds which are responsible for estimating the allocation of every fund. After you receive a successful and good investment track record, you can join or work with any insurance company or a bank trust department much easier. But it is important for one to note that it is not easy for one to acquire a job opportunity in such a powerful position.

Investment Banking

Tasks performed by investment bankers are those of helping banks come up with new creative measures of raising more capital example is mortgage-backed securities. Moreover, they also perform such duties as advising and executing client trades. They normally take a long time working. You can get a job many investment banks with a Bachelor’s degree in a business related course.

Real Estate

There are many opportunities in real estate finance. Some examples of these careers are mortgage banking, property appraising. Some corporate real estate careers are such as working for a bank’s commercial real estate department. These, therefore, are some of the existing career opportunities in the finance industry.